How do I enter location details for a profile, plant, or collection?

Plants Map forms for profiles, plants, collections, sub-collections, and events use the same Location Details mapping tool that allows you 3 ways to enter a location and to set a pin on a map. This tool relies on Google Maps and what is known as latitude/longitude numerical Decimal Degrees (also known as GPS coordinates).

  1. Enter an address. Type the address and wait for Google Maps to make a ‘hint’ list of addresses. Select the address you are entering and then choose PIN location. The address must be a recognized Google Map address or it will not render in the hint list. You must choose an address suggested by Google Maps in the list.  Note this will also set a latitude/longitude pin position as well.
  2. Manually enter the latitude/longitude. In proper numeric format values, known as Decimal Degrees (DD), enter the latitude and longitude. For example: 38.30725  /  -77.47260. There are various devices with GPS that can find your exact numeric coordinates. Some devices will get you more exact coordinates than others. After you enter the Decimal Degrees choose pin location to set the pin.
  3. Find my location. This option requires that your device be allowed to find your location via Google Maps satellites. It will take a moment for the device you are using to ‘be found’ and then a pin will render on the map. Choose ‘Add’ to mark the location. This will set a pin and add latitude/longitude coordinates. It will not set an address location. If this option does not appear to work check to make sure you have allowed the device you are using and the web browser you are using to find your location. You may also be experiencing a weak internet (cellular or wifi) connection.

 A few more tips for mapping pin locations:

  • Pinning is optional: All geodata location details are optionally provided. Location information is not required nor will it be automatically added.
  • Public / Private settings:  All location details (map pins) are set to public but can be set to private (only seen by the profile owner and not added to our community map).
  • Importing GPS coordinates: If you are just starting we can import a plant list spreadsheet including your exact lat/long data for each plant profile. Contact us via email at for more details.
  • Find Me tips: Make sure you have a strong internet connection. On a mobile device if you are trying to connect to a weak wifi connection turn off that option in your settings. Sometimes a cellular single is stronger but the weak wifi is interfering.
  • Pin location with no address: You can do this via the Find My Location option or use the address option to pin and then delete the address. The location will still remain in the lat/long values.
  • How to adjust a pin: regardless of how you choose to set the pin (address, lat/long or find me) you can then click on the pin location button that opens a pop-up drag the pin to your desired location.
  • Completely clear a pin: If you decide to remove a pin later you will need to delete the numeric lat/long values to completely clear the pin location.
  • Address and lat/long values: Once an address is added you can move a pin to an exact location. This will change the pin lat/long numeric values but not the address. Some landscapes have plants on the edge of a neighboring address and we did not want the address to change with the movement of a pin to another nearby address.

What’s the difference between private and public location settings?

  • Public: Any location information provided that is marked as public will show on our community map page and can be seen when a visitor views your plant, collection or subcollection.
  • Private: Any location information provided that is marked private will not be seen on our community map and can only be seen on a map by the owner when viewing their profile, plants, collections, subcollections. Any visitor to your profile, plants, collections, subcollections will see “Location Is Private.”
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