How to use Collections to create a wish list of plants

I always like to keep a list of potential plants that I may want to add to my landscape. For years I kept spreadsheets or scribbled lists that I would carry with me or most of the time forget and leave at home. I never seemed to have my ‘wish list’ with me when I needed it.

My solution now is to save these plants to my digital, mobile ‘Wish List’ collection I created on Plants Map. I love it because I can now have this list with me on my phone any time I want to reference it. That is especially handy when dropping in at a garden center or heading to a plant sale.

I can also quickly and easily add new plants to this collection in my travels too.  I never know when or where I might encounter a plant that I wanted to add to my growing wish list. Sources of plant envy or inspiration can strike at any moment for me. They may come from plant catalogs, garden centers, garden tours, visiting public landscapes, visiting a friend's garden, attending a flower show, or just something I see shared on social media.

WishListPMI know that not all plants that I encounter are going to work in my landscape. So I save them to my Wish List to research and save for future reference. Sometimes they are plants that remain on my wish list until conditions are right for them. There might be a change to my landscape or I might even move to a new landscape again.

I also like to save plants to my wish list that I have grown in the past at previous landscapes. This helps me to remember my favorites to keep an eye out for when plant shopping.

And with my other Plants Map collections, I can also reference plants I already have in my landscape.

The advantage to making your wish list on Plants Map is that you can add any plant from any source so that it is not specific to a brand, catalog or store. It is truly your wish list from any number of sources. And in the reference links, you can add possible places to buy the plant as well.

To make a wish list collection:

  • Sign In
  • Add A Collection and name it Wish List.
    • In the description, you can add more about what you are looking for and add some general ideas and notes as well.  Save your collection now and next add plants.
  • Add a Plant and include any information you may have and possible sources.

There are two ways to add plants to a collection:

  • From the saved Plant form use the Add/Remove to Collections button to see a list of collections and select the one to save the plant to. TIP: You can add a plant to more than one collection.
  • From the saved Collection form on the Plants tab use the Add/Remove Plants to see a list of plants to select and add to this collection.

It’s that easy to keep track of plants that interest you. So the next time you have plant envy or inspiration hit, you can just save it to your digital, mobile wish list.

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