Does Plants Map sync with other plant databases?

We are often asked if Plants Map can sync with other databases or if we can import plants into an individual profile or organization profile. The short answer is, “Yes.”

For most of our organization users, Plants Map is sufficient for their data storage and record-keeping and instead of using another database or mapping program, once the profile is created and plants are added, they use only Plants Map to keep their note, photos and collections organized.

We have some users that have an established plant database and accessioning system and we find they are usually long-time users of BG-Base or IrisBG.  BG-Base and IrisBG are paid software with support fees that vary with options and usage costs that can begin at a few thousand dollars per year.

For our users that already have an existing plant database, we can import data using a simple .csv file to your profile and plant listings on Plants Map.  We have successfully imported data from BG-Base, IrisBG as well as from SQL databases.

How Plants Map works:

  • is free including support and online training. Additional premium features and services can be added to your profile to enhance your experience based on your needs.
  • is a mobile responsive website. It works on computers as well as mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. This negates the need to invest in specific hardware, software or an app because most everyone can access a mobile website from various devices.
  • is a cloud-based utility to handle record-keeping and data management of plants and collections.
  • is easy to learn. This eliminates investment in time or costs associated with training.
  • can be accessed by several team members to update and manage the profile, plants, and collections.
  • is a multi-functional tool that can be used for plant data and records management, educational outreach, visitor experience, and marketing efforts as well.

We are regularly adding features to Plants Map in our development updates so please contact us if you have specific needs or requests.

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