Plant finder filter, plants to visit, and the public landscape setting

Our Plants Map plant finder tool allows users to select a filter to search for plants to visit.

To be visible in the plant finder plants to visit filter an organization profile must 1) choose to have the public landscape setting on and 2) have plants that are mapped as publicly visible within their profile.

  • The public landscape setting is only available to organization profiles.
  • Organization profiles that set their public landscape setting to on AND map their plants with a publicly visible status will be seen in this result.

Where do I choose the public landscape setting?

To check your setting, click into edit mode for your organization profile and in the settings section you will see a public landscape toggle switch.

When public landscape is set to on, this is the master switch be seen in the plants to visit filter.

Additionally, your plants will also need to be mapped and have a public visibility status selected. If both actions are not taken, the plants will not be seen in the plants to visit filter.

If you do not want your plants to be seen in the plant finder plants to visit results, change the public landscape switch to off.   You may change your setting back to on or off at any time.

What is the difference between public and private settings on a plant pin location?

In order for visitors to see where your plants are within your landscape and to appear on the community map page, the plant mapping tools is set to be public.

In order to create a private map of a landscape without others seeing the plant locations and to not be seen on the community map page, change the mapping tool setting to private on each plant. The plant page will then show that the plant location is private and it will not appear on the community map.

My plants are still not showing in the plants to visit filter? 

The plant finder tool was built to require plants to meet a quality criteria to ensure the best results are seen when using this feature. Plants require a photo, a completed botanical name field in the plant details tab, and a minimum amount of information provided either within the story or the fields within the plant and growing details tabs. If plants don’t meet this quality criteria, they may not be seen within the plant finder results at all. The plants are still visible to others on your profile.

Will choosing private on a plant location remove it from visibility completely? 

No. The intent of Plants Map was for people and places to publicly share information about plants collectively. All profiles, plants, collections, and events are publicly visible to website visitors and other community members.

Mapping and location information is always voluntary and must be manually entered by the user by using the mapping feature on each plant, collection, profile, and event. We do not automatically map or pin any content and it is not required.

Only the location, if provided, can be set to private. The public/private map pin setting only changes the location visibility that allows others to see the pin location, to appear on the community map page, and to be seen in plants to visit for those that indicate they are a public landscape via that setting.

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