How to allow Plants Map to see your location

When you use a Plants Map feature for the very first time where the search tool or map requires your location, you will see a pop-up asking you if the website can access the location of your phone, tablet or computer.

This pop-up happens the first time when you are trying to map a plant, collection or profile location. In order to use these features, you need to click the "Allow" option so that your device can send the location to the website so it can find you on the map.

If you chose to block or disallow the location to be used, Plants Map's "Find My Location" and "Near Me" features will not work until you edit the browser preferences to allow you a location to be sent to Plants Map.

We've created 3 links showing how to edit this setting in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. You can find those links in the Related Articles link below this post.

If you are using a mobile device, you'll need to refer to the documentation for your specific operating system.

Start by looking at your Settings and then see if you can find one labeled Location. If not, the Setting may be nested under Security and then labeled Location. Once you get to the right place, click the option to allow to know your location and then everything on the site will be working again.

We do not support Internet Explorer. The site should work on Microsoft Edge but we do not test on that browser.

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